1. Improve Your Vehicle's Handling and Alignment with New Control/Suspension Arms from Advantage Auto Parts!

    If you're experiencing handling issues with your vehicle or notice uneven tire wear, it could be a problem with your control/suspension arms. These important components help connect the wheels and suspension...

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  2. 5 Warning Signs Your Brake Calipers Are Failing - And How to Fix Them!

    Brake calipers are an important component of a vehicle's braking system. They are responsible for clamping the brake pads onto the rotors, which creates the friction necessary to slow down or stop the...

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  3. Is your brake caliper stuck and causing your brake pads to wear quickly?

    Common symptoms: vehicle’s steering pulling to one side, vibration in brake pedal, pressing the brake pedal more than usual to stop the car, burning...

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  4. Why is my brake caliper piston sticking and not returning?

    3 common reasons:

    1. Air bubbles in the brake system. Most calipers work on a hydraulic system which relies on the free-flowing movement of brake fluid to push the pistons out...

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  5. Ssshhh… Trade Secrets on How To Buy the Correct Brake Caliper

    Brake calipers, and car parts in general, can be a nightmare to purchase if you are buying them online. The reason being that there can be multiple parts that can fit one model and mainly depend on which...

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